Carfax Consultants advise and support pupils and families seeking admission to the world’s leading educational institutions. For university applications, Carfax specializes in admissions to the strongest universities in the UK and the US, including Oxbridge and the Ivy League. At school level, particular areas of expertise are entry to the most selective British independent schools, such as Eton, Winchester, and Wycombe Abbey; exclusive Swiss boarding schools, such as Le Rosey; and America’s strongest Prep schools.

Success rates of Carfax applicants are unusually high because only Carfax has gathered under one roof a team of British and American specialists, each possessing years of relevant experience and dedicated to particular areas of expertise such as Oxbridge and UK university entrance, Ivy League and US applications counselling, London nurseries and day schools, British boarding schools, and Swiss international schools. In addition, all Carfax consultants have their own experience of the leading institutions that they advise on. They combine this with the considerable educational resources at the disposal of the wider Carfax Group to make sure that the best advice and preparation possible are always provided.

Carfax Consultants also assist with postgraduate applications and advise on courses at specialist institutions including business, law, art, drama schools, and the leading conservatoires.


Carfax Projects is the institutional clients’ business of the Carfax group, providing strategic and operational education consultancy to national and regional governments, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organisations, as well as educational providers and private investors. In the private sector, Carfax Projects supports institutional and private investors interested in establishing educational institutions or investing in educational opportunities in their countries or internationally. The business also assists schools throughout the world with operational management, raising educational standards, and a range of other school-improvement, teacher-recruitment, or staff-training services.

Carfax Projects consultants have managed and delivered projects in Europe, North and South Americas, Central, Eastern, and Southern Asia, and Africa. In addition to the more traditional educational settings, Carfax’s fast-mobilizing project teams worked in the challenging environments of Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, and Somalia. Carfax Projects mainly operates from offices in London and Dubai, and where required, sets up field offices or works from client sites.


Carfax Tutors offer highly capable and talented tutors to those requiring supplementary or full-time individual tuition in person or online. Carfax tutors can be engaged to work anywhere in the world. Live-in tutors are available for short- and long-term residential placements, including home schooling, and can accompany families or chaperone pupils on trips in any part of the world.

Tutors are very carefully selected and rigorously assessed for subject knowledge, empathy, engaging teaching style, presentability, discretion, as well as enthusiasm for their subjects and ability to pass it to their pupils. Tuition is delivered at Carfax tutorial centres around the world, at pupils’ homes or other locations such as hotels, resorts and even family yachts. In addition to selecting and engaging excellent tutors, Carfax can provide curated programmes of supplementary, holiday, or home-schooling tuition, that include full support with curriculum materials, timetabling, progress monitoring, and reporting.

In the UK, where Carfax Tutors is one of the founders of the Tutors’ Association and the author of the concept of responsible tutoring, it also regularly works with maintained schools to provide in-school supplementary tuition, significantly enhancing pupils’ attainment and progress.


Carfax Recruitment specializes in hiring professional staff for international educational institutions. Carfax Recruitment has successfully placed teaching, academic, and senior staff for private clients, universities, and international schools, including British nurseries and schools overseas, multinational corporations, international organisations, and NGOs in Europe, China, Russia, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

Carfax Recruitment is distinguished by its exceptionally high standards and refusal to compromise on the calibre of the candidates it accepts. In common with the rest of the Carfax Group it does not lose sight of academic excellence as the ultimate goal of its endeavours. These values are shared by the candidates who see Carfax Recruitment as one of the few places offering opportunities consistent with their own views on education. Clients also appreciate Carfax as the source of candidates with high educational values and outstanding abilities.


Carfax Guardians provide practical support and pastoral oversight for overseas pupils and international students to ensure that their experience of studying abroad is positive and rewarding. They offer a range of bespoke guardianship packages that can be tailored to suit any support requirements at every education stage, from prep school all the way to university. In addition to the UK, Carfax guardianship support is now also available in Switzerland and the USA.

In Britain boarding schools require that pupils under the age of 18, whose parents live abroad, have an educational guardian resident in the UK. Educational guardians act in loco parentis in dealings with schools and accept responsibility for pupils’ welfare whenever they are not at school.

The responsibilities of Carfax Guardians go well beyond these minimum formal requirements. Guardians keep in close contact with pupils, parents, and schools’, making sure there can be no misunderstanding between them. Unusually for guardianship organizations in the UK, all guardians are fully employed by Carfax and do not combine their guardianship duties with any other occupation, ensuring complete dedication to their charges and round-the-clock availability in cases where urgent support is required.

Carfax Guardians is a member of the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students (AEGIS).

Carfax has a strong background in educational publishing, materials development, and curriculum design. Previous work has included the development of textbooks for a leading international school group and leading the development of curriculum and teaching resources for use in government schools for a country in the Middle East.

Carfax Publishing is a new business that is currently being set up in Abu Dhabi in response to the strong demand from school operators and education authorities in the region for bespoke curriculum design and teaching materials development.

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